Deploying Devices and Software in the Field

Managing the devices and related software and web applications you have deployed in the field can be a complicated undertaking. Now IT Connects has decades of experience managing device and software deployment remotely. Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years. Move Essential Tools to the Cloud If you manage software locally across...

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How to Migrate from Local Servers to the Cloud_now it connects

How to Migrate from Local Servers to the Cloud

So, you’ve finally made the decision to migrate to a cloud-based server like Microsoft Azure. Congratulations on taking the next step in making your business scalable, more productive, and more secure! Migrating your data and systems over to the cloud is a big undertaking, and you don’t want to lose any valuable information in the...

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wireless point-to-point for sprawling facilities-Now IT Connects

Wireless Point-to-Point for Sprawling Facilities

Providing internet access to a sprawling facility can be a daunting undertaking. It can be difficult to provide a fast, reliable internet connection across an expansive building, such as a warehouse or logistics facility. Likewise, it can be tricky and expensive to make sure several outbuildings on a single property have internet connections. In both...

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wireless point to point case study

Expanding Internet Access at a Materials Supply Company

When Plaisted Companies needed to expand internet access to its landscape yard, Chief Operating Officer Mark Duitsman knew just the company to call. Now IT Connects had been Plaisted Companies’ managed IT partner for years, and Mark knew John and his crew could help them expand internet access to their new landscape yard building. About...

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uses for microsoft 365 forms_now it connects

3 Innovative Uses for Microsoft 365 Forms

Forms make it easy to collect the information you need from your customers and team members. Microsoft 365 offers three options for creating forms that automate the information collection process. If your team runs on Microsoft 365 or SharePoint, discover how Microsoft Forms, OOTB SharePoint forms, and Power Apps can automate and simplify your data...

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introduction to microsoft azure_now it connects

Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Hitting a wall with your local server network? Keeping your company’s data on local servers can limit your productivity and your ability to scale your business. When we encounter businesses who’ve reached this stage of frustration with their local servers, it’s likely we’ll recommend a cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Azure. What Is Microsoft Azure?...

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wireless point-to-point applications_now it connects

Wireless Point-to-Point (P2P) Applications and Benefits

If your company operates out of multiple buildings, it can be complicated and costly to create a network connection between the buildings with fiber or cable. The same goes for sprawling properties with video surveillance systems. In both of these cases, a wireless point-to-point (P2P) system can provide affordable, secure connectivity. Wireless Point-to-Point Connects Multiple...

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upgrading construction company's IT infrastructure_now it connects

Case Study: Upgrading a Construction Company’s IT Infrastructure

When Lakehead Constructors was moving not one but both of its locations, IT director Matt Dallam knew it was time to upgrade the company’s IT infrastructure from localized servers to cloud-based solutions. He knew the upgrade would make the company’s entire operation more efficient, but he didn’t realize just how much more time he’d be...

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Cloud-Based Computing for the Remote Workforce

Cloud-Based Computing for the Remote Workforce

The past year definitely made the case for cloud-based computing, as the cloud is what empowered many companies to move to a remote workforce in 2020. Cloud-based technologies have more than proved their worth these last 12 months. If you’re still running your business off local servers in your office, or have hobbled together several...

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Case Study: An IT Partnership Nearly Two Decades Strong

When it was time to outsource some of the IT tasks he was handling himself, Seacole CFO John Bell turned to the person he knew could help: Now IT Connects founder John Koshiol. That was back in 2004. Since then, Seacole and Now IT Connects have formed a strong partnership, working together to install and...

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5 secure IT tools for 2021_Now IT Connects

5 IT Tools Your Business Needs in 2021

With a remote workforce and cyberattacks on the rise, you need to be sure your data and your customers’ data are secure yet accessible. After spending much of 2020 helping our customers safely move to a remote workforce, the Now IT Connects team has come up with a list of must-have IT tools for 2021....

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how to register your website domain_now it connects

Registering Your New Domain Is Easy with Our Tool

Registering your company’s domain is the crucial first step toward setting up a new website. But choosing a domain provider can be confusing. That’s why Now IT Connects offers domain registration right on our website. Get up and running in just a few easy steps. 1. Come Up with a Great Name The best name...

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