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Put the days of server rooms, expensive hardware, and being tied to the office behind you. Cloud solutions make it possible for you to access your data and programs anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

When everyone can access what they need from desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, work gets done faster. Cloud-based programs and data storage maximizes your team’s productivity and encourages collaboration, even when a team member is home with a sick kid or on a business trip.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Automate the way you provision, manage, and bill.

The Microsoft Cloud is a business tool that untethers you and your team from your desks. This comprehensive and dynamic application is highly secure, extremely mobile, and helps your team work together more effectively and efficiently.

Secure file sharing, online meetings, team chat, and cloud-based programs and storage are all possible with the Microsoft Cloud. Its intelligent system analyzes how your team is using this valuable tool and suggests ways to maximize their productivity.

Autotask Workplace File Sync & Share

Secure file sharing & collaboration with award-winning mobile access.

Your business faces many online threats. That’s why secure file sharing is so important. Autotask Workplace File Sync & Share keeps your files securely stored in a hybrid server/cloud system so you and your team can access and share the files you need from any device.

Autotask Workplace File Sync & Share allows you to grant permissions to view files and sends you reports on who is using and sharing your files. If need be, you can even completely remove vital files to keep them out of the wrong hands.

John Bell
Knowledgeable, responsive and reliable are three reasons why Now IT Connects IS our I.T. department!  We run a 50+ user, multi-server environment without an IT staff. John and his staff are not only there for us to solve the problems, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. They assist us with everything...

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