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We’ve got your IT covered.

You can’t afford to have your email down for a few minutes, let alone an hour or a day. Viruses, malware, and inadequate storage hamstring your email use and threaten the security of your messages and attachments.

Now IT Connects offers secure, cloud-based solutions for business email. Keep your messages safe, secure, and at your fingertips on any device.


Detect attacks before they happen. Protect your business before it’s too late.

If you have a highly mobile team who’s frequently in the field or traveling for your business, you need endpoint protection from Webroot, SentinelOne, and Huntress. Protect your entire team and secure your data in minutes, whether your team’s in the office or on the road.

Endpoint protection from Webroot, SentinelOne, and Huntress allows you to manage your spam protection and security from a cloud-based program. Automatic updates help you stay one step ahead of malware, hackers, and other bad actors.

Cloud Spam Filtering

Simple, powerful & easy.

Cloud-based spam filtering services help you keep your email safe from malware and virus attacks. Our favorite services encrypt your data, detect and neutralize attacks on your email system, and continually update themselves against the latest threats.

There are dozens of cloud spam filters to choose from. Now IT Connects can help you find the one that’s right for you and your team.

John Bell
Knowledgeable, responsive and reliable are three reasons why Now IT Connects IS our I.T. department!  We run a 50+ user, multi-server environment without an IT staff. John and his staff are not only there for us to solve the problems, but to prevent them from happening in the first place. They assist us with everything...

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