Remote Workforce

With our collaboration and file protection tools—

We’ve got your remote workforce covered.

If you have one or more staff members working remotely, you need technologies that will help you stay connected and productive without sacrificing data security. With remote and virtual desktops, the suite of tools in Microsoft 365, and the security of Datto file protection, you can optimize your team’s productivity and keep your data safe.

Remote Desktops

Your work desktop, wherever you are.

You don’t have to be in the office to work on your office computer. With VPNs to your corporate office and remote desktop services via the cloud, staying productive is easier and more secure than ever. Now IT Connects can provide a fast and secure virtual desktop solution that allows your remote employees access to their onsite computers from home.

Partner with Now IT Connects to find remote desktop and VPN tools that will keep your remote team up and running securely. Contact our team today for expert help.

Microsoft 365

Connect, collaborate, and create together.

Microsoft 365 puts all the technologies your remote workforce needs to stay productive under one roof. Email, direct message, draft reports, create slide decks, and video conference with Microsoft apps that connect to each other to increase your team’s collaboration and productivity.

Partner with Now IT Connects to find the Microsoft 365 tools that will optimize your remote workforce. Contact our team today for expert help.

Datto File Protection

Protect your data anywhere, on any device.

With a remote workforce, secure file sharing is absolutely vital to the safety and security of your data. Datto file protection keeps your files securely stored in a hybrid server/cloud system so you and your team can access and share the files you need from any device, anywhere in the world.

Partner with Now IT Connects to discover how Datto file protection can secure your business’s data. Contact our team today for expert help.