Now IT Connects Merges with Minnesota-Based ShareTech

Clearwater, MN, November 1, 2022 – Now IT Connects, a managed IT firm based in Clearwater, Minnesota, has merged with ShareTech, another Minnesota-based IT managed service provider with offices in Bloomington, Minnesota, and Tampa, Florida. The merger was completed on September 22, 2022.

The combined company will pair ShareTech’s twenty-two-year history of providing comprehensive managed IT services with Now IT Connects’ technical expertise to deliver a wide variety of IT solutions to their clients.

The services Now IT Connects customers currently enjoy will remain the same. In addition, the company now offers ShareTech’s Virtual IT Department solution for small and mid-sized business clients that includes improved, next-generation anti-virus, online user security training, immutable remote data backup, and other security services. Having joined forces with ShareTech, the Now IT Connects team of experts will continue to deliver the high-quality service customers are accustomed to.

For more information, please contact John Koshiol or Michael Nolette at 320-558-6300. We’d be happy to discuss the merger with you or set up a meeting to discover how we can service your IT needs.

ABOUT SHARETECH: ShareTech believes the strength and capacity of enterprise IT should be available to every small business, mid-sized company, and non-profit organization. The managed IT company provides enterprise-level IT and top-quality service to all businesses at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT company.


The Now IT Connects Office Gets a Make-Over

This spring, the Now IT Connects office got a fresh, new look! A few upgrades transformed our office and gave the Now It Connects team a place to collaborate while updating the design and improving sustainability.

New Flooring and Paint Provide a Fresh Foundation

It’s amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint and updated flooring can have on an office space! At the Now IT Connects office, we freshened the walls with a new color in both the public spaces and the back-office work areas.

Then, we ripped out the carpet to replace it with durable, hard-wearing vinyl planking. The new floors offer the warm look of wood without the maintenance or up-front investment. We think they look sharp, especially with the fresh paint!

Our Work Areas Get Upgrades

Once we had our fresh foundation of paint and new flooring, we upgraded and renovated the tech cubicles where our network managers and network engineers work their magic. These new cubicles allow them the space they need to work without being crowded by equipment or each other.

Our Office Lighting Gets an Environmentally Friendly Upgrade

The last upgrade we made in our renovation was to our office lighting. Our lobby, conference room, and back-office work areas all got new fixtures with LED lighting. Not only does this provide our staff with superior light to work under, the LED lightbulbs are energy-efficient and cost effective. We won’t need to replace a bulb for about 15 years!

After several years in our Clearwater, Minnesota, location, it was time to show our office some love. We hope you stop by to check out our new digs! We’d love to see you.

Give Your Business an IT Disaster Recovery Check-Up

IT disaster checkup_Now IT Connects_Clearwater MN

These last few months have been tough, and the last thing anyone needs is another crisis on their hands. It’s impossible to know when an IT disaster may strike, but you can minimize the stress and the damage with a disaster recovery plan and experienced IT pros on your side.

Disaster Recovery Basics

IT disasters may be instigated by an actual physical disaster, such as fire or flooding at your business or other physical damage to your hardware. But more often, disasters occur within your systems themselves. This could be a fatal failure of your hardware or software or a direct attack on your network by cyber criminals. Malware, ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, and phishing scams can all create wreak havoc on your network.

While it’s impossible to prevent all disasters, it is possible to protect yourself from many of them. You can also create a plan for what happens when disaster strikes so your network can get back up and running quickly and your staff can get back to work.

Review Your Current Disaster Recovery Plan

When is the last time you’ve looked at your IT disaster recovery plan? If it’s been awhile, it’s time to get to work. Older disaster recovery plans often include technologies that are obsolete or degraded beyond usability (think those old tape backup systems). Even cloud-based data backup solutions should be tested annually to ensure they are set up properly.

Disaster recovery plans include more than just your procedure for backing up data. Here’s a list of common items found in a disaster recovery plan:

  • Who is responsible for executing and managing the plan
  • Immediate steps following the disaster
  • Inventory of hardware and software that may be affected by a disaster
  • Post-disaster business continuity plan
  • Strategies for communicating with stakeholders
  • Policies for data, email, and social media use

Work with a DRaaS and DR Provider

Managing data is a complicated, high-stakes task. If left vulnerable to attack or disaster, data can be lost forever, crippling a business. As data security becomes a top priority for businesses, IT companies are increasingly offering DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service) and DR (Disaster Recovery) as services. Companies can outsource their disaster recovery plans and procedures to IT experts who can provide a multi-faceted solution that includes backup recovery, file syncing, and cloud-based data storage to prevent the loss of data.

Not sure what would happen to your data in the event of an IT disaster? The Now IT Connects team is here to help. To start protecting your company’s data, contact us today.