Our Partners

We couldn’t do IT without them.

Discover what makes our partners the best in the industry.

Autotask Workplace

Sharing files securely and easily is essential for your team to collaborate successfully. Autotask Workplace provides a platform to share files across all devices, from office desktops to phones. Highly secure, Autotask allows you to require permission to view and share files, provides you with a report of how files are shared, and empowers you to manage sensitive documents.

Intronis MSP Solutions by Barracuda

Intronis MSP Solutions is the platform Now IT Connects uses to manage your day-to-day IT needs. It enables us to be proactive in monitoring your system and resolving any alerts and issues that may arise. It automates many routine maintenance tasks to save us time and you money.


WatchGuard offers some of the best firewall hardware on the market. That’s why we trust our clients’ network security to them. WatchGuard offers tabletop appliances for small networks and rack-mounted appliances for networks that support hundreds of devices. The company continually updates its appliances to prevent breaches from bad actors.