IT Needs for Construction Firms

IT Needs for Construction Firms_Now IT Connects_Clearwater Minnesota

The construction industry has a reputation for being slow to adopt new technologies. It’s a business where safety is paramount and margins are slim, so it’s no wonder construction executives are hesitant to invest in new IT.

But construction IT has the capacity to revolutionize the industry. With a little upfront investment, technology can save construction firms money while improving safety. Here’s a look at a few IT innovations.

Technologies that Improve Construction Safety

Safety is an extremely important consideration at any job site. Construction IT can make it easy to train workers and ensure safety checklists are being completed with excellence.

Forward-thinking construction firms are incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality into their safety training. These technologies help workers understand job site risks and learn how to prevent accidents without putting them at risk.

In the field, safety technology can ensure workers incorporate safe workplace practices into their daily jobs. Mobile apps can automate safety checklists and prompt workers to affirm they’ve taken appropriate precautions.

Hardware that Helps Construction Firms Work Smarter

What if you could inspect the roof of a building without sending a crew member up to take a look? What if you could print the complicated part you need yourself without waiting weeks for a machine shop to fabricate it?

That’s what drones and 3-D printing technologies offer construction firms. Drones give construction crews a birds-eye view of their projects without putting workers at risk of a fall. Today’s drone technology produces crystal-clear color videos and still images that can be used to assess work progress or damage. With 3-D printing, construction companies can design and print their own components and parts without outsourcing the work to a third-party manufacturer.

Construction Software and Mobile Apps

Software and mobile apps are making it easier than ever to manage projects, track progress, and collaborate with multiple subcontractors. Cloud-based field management software allows every member of the construction team to see and respond to project tasks. Many of these technologies also include schedulers to make managing subcontractors and lead times a breeze.

Cloud-Based Computing Solutions

Cloud-based IT is making it easier than ever for construction firms to track job site progress. Crew members can update their progress in real time and even submit their timecards without coming to the office and punching a clock.

Project reporting is easy on a cloud-based system, too. Effortlessly pull work records for any project at any stage. Same goes for expense reports for weekly meetings with customers.

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