3 IT Resources to Add to Your Reading List

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Last month, we shared the Now IT Connects team’s favorite IT blogs. Now, it’s time to take a look at some longer reading.

Practical Microsoft Azure IaaS

Get the most out of your Microsoft Azure cloud computing infrastructure. Practical Microsoft Azure IaaS: Migrating and Building Scalable and Secure Cloud Solutions is geared for IT nerds like us, but it has valuable information for anyone who operates on Azure, too.

The book provides a helpful guide on how to set up, manage, and scale your cloud infrastructure. Get into the weeds on visualization, switching, firewalls, and storage provisioning. You can also read all about Azure’s security infrastructure and how Microsoft uses automation to make Azure more efficient.

The SANS Institute Reading Room

The SANS Institute is a computer security education and research organization. It maintains a vast database of resources on everything from cyber security and IT forensics to IT auditing and legal concerns.

The SANS Institute Reading Room attracts more than 75,000 unique visitors a month and features nearly 3,000 articles. While some resources require a SANS login to access, many others are available to the public for download. We recommend blocking time out to go down the Reading Room rabbit hole and find something that interests you.

Network World Newsletters

So technically, these newsletters aren’t long, but since you can receive six newsletters every month (including one daily newsletter) if you’d like, Network World’s newsletters can easily fill up your IT reading bucket. Choose from the Daily News or Data Center editions to stay up-to-date on networking and data centers. The Storage newsletter is all about data storage and storage infrastructure. If you’re interested in the IoT, don’t miss the Internet of Things newsletter. Insider Alert and Enterprise Stories editions share how-tos, reviews, and other information.

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