Microsoft OneDrive: The File Storage Tool You Have but Never Use

Microsoft OneDrive_NowIT Connects_Clearwater_Minnesota

Earlier this month, we shared some of our favorite but oft-overlooked collaboration tech tools. Today, we want to talk about the one tool most of our clients already have but never leverage: Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive is primarily a single-user tool that has file-sharing and collaborative capabilities. But that doesn’t make it the weakest link in the suite of Microsoft apps. Here’s why Now IT Connects loves OneDrive and why you should, too.

Create, Edit, View, and Share on the Go

Ever arrived at a meeting only to realize you forgot all the documents you were planning to review or share? With OneDrive, all of your files are at your fingertips. Access them on your phone, tablet, or laptop, even when you’re offline. Your changes and additions sync immediately across all your devices as long as you have an internet connection.

Keep Track of More Stuff

Not only can you add documents to OneDrive, you can use it to snap photos of your meeting notes, the business card of a networking connection, or work receipts for reimbursement. Never misplace a card or lose a receipt—OneDrive will have you covered.

Restore, Recover, and Protect Your Files

Ever save over a document you intended to save as a different file? We’re all busy, and it happens to the best of us. OneDrive can help you recover files that have been accidentally deleted or altered. You can also customize how you protect your OneDrive data so it’s always safe.

Yes, You Can Collaborate, Too

While we think OneDrive may become your personal favorite, it’s also a great way to collaborate with others. You can create links to files you wish to share with a client or supplier or invite team members to work on a document with you in real-time. You’ll even be able to see their cursors in your Word doc.

The Now IT Connects team would love to help you discover if you already have a OneDrive account and to help you set it up. Wondering what other Microsoft apps you may have already that you could utilize this year? Let’s schedule a time to find out.