Fall in Love with the Now IT Connects Team!

Have you fallen out of love with your IT support team? Are you a lonely heart looking for an IT team to support your network security, email, and managed services this year? Or, are you a happy client of Now IT Connects that’s interested in learning a little more about the team that supports you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we invite you to fall in love with the Now IT Connects team this Valentine’s day.

John Koshiol

John is the owner and CEO of Now IT Connects. He’s run the company for the last 15 years and looks forward to another 15 years of helping businesses keep their data secure and easy to use. When he’s not helping Now IT Connects customers, you’ll likely find John enjoying many outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing, golf, and shooting sports.

Bobbie Anacker

As the Now IT Connects administrative assistant, it’s likely that Bobbie’s smiling face or cheery “Hello!” will greet you at our door or on the phone. Bobbie has been part of the Now IT Connects team for a year. When not supporting Now IT Connects customers, Bobbie enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Justin Fellersen

Justin is our network manager. He installs and maintains the networks of our customers and our in-house network at our Clearwater, Minnesota, location. Justin has been part of the team for more than five years. Like John, Justin is an outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Lloyd Sanquist

As a network engineer, Lloyd works alongside Justin to keep our customers’ networks safe and performing well. Lloyd’s served Now IT Connects customers since 2012. When not at work, Lloyd enjoys writing, camping, and playing video games.

Chris Imdieke

Chris is our second network engineer and has been part of our team for a little over a year. Chris works alongside Lloyd and Justin to support our customers’ networks and IT needs. After work, Chris enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.

Ready to fall in love with your IT support team? We’d love to meet you! Give Now IT Connects a call today at 320-558-6300.