2019 IT Trends to Watch

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The IT world moves at the speed of light. It can be difficult to keep up with all the new tech, lingo, regulations, and cyber threats. That’s why Now IT Connects stays on top of these changes for you. We’re excited to share a few of the IT trends we’re watching this year.


The concept of ITaaS, or “IT as a service”, will continue to grow in 2019, and as an ITaaS provider, Now IT Connects couldn’t be happier! The ITaaS model empowers us to provide you with the hardware, software, cloud storage, and managed services you need, when you need it. This saves you money and makes managing your IT much more efficient, especially as your business grows. We look forward to expanding our ITaaS offerings in 2019.

“The Cloud” becomes “the Multicloud”

Cloud computing and cloud storage are IT trends that have been around for a few years now. But best practices on how to use the cloud are evolving. Companies used to have two options: build their own cloud network or data center, or purchase space on a cloud managed by another company, such as Microsoft or Amazon. Today, many companies are finding their computing, networking, and security needs are better met by a combination of private and public cloud solutions.

Enter the multicloud! The big providers of public cloud services are partnering with companies to create custom, hybrid cloud solutions. Expect public and private cloud providers to improve how their products integrate for a seamless user experience.

Blockchain Goes Mainstream

Blockchain is a technology used by the cryptocurrency industry (cryptocurrency is encrypted digital currency, such as bitcoin). Simply put, it’s a digital ledger that records and tracks data in units called blocks. The blocks are strung together chronologically and linearly. If someone wanted to change the data within a certain block, they would need to change not only that block, but every block that follows it. This is what makes blockchain a secure storage solution.

It’s confusing, we know, but we’re here to help! So to recap, blockchain is a tool to store and share digital information. It can store data about financial transactions (as it does for cryptocurrency), real estate transactions, or even supply chains. In 2019, we expect financial and health care institutions to incorporate this IT trend into their data storage solutions.

AI-Driven Tools

AI—artificial intelligence—is an exploding technology that has the potential to be a gamechanger in a wide range of industries. In 2019, AI will create new tools that automate the generation of code, applications and programs for developers. Does that mean developers are going to be replaced by robots? Probably not, but AI will make the job more efficient, which gives them more time to develop more tools and technologies.

More Debate on Digital Privacy

Cyber security and digital privacy will continue to be IT trends in 2019. We expect more debate and possibly regulation of who owns your personal information, who can use it, who can sell it, and who should be held responsible when your personal information is stolen.

We predict you’ll see more tech giant CEOs interviewed on the Hill and an increase in data breaches. If you don’t already have a cyber security plan or partner for your business, you can either cross your fingers that your data won’t be caught up in a possible breach or you can contact us to prepare yourself for a breach at your company.

That’s the Now IT Connects list of top IT trends to watch in 2019. Have questions? We’ve got answers. We can support all your IT needs this year. Contact us to learn more.