2020 IT Trends to Watch

2020 IT Trends_Now IT Connects_Clearwater Minnesota

The IT world seems like it moves at the speed of light. There’s always a new device or service that’s competing for your attention and your dollars. That’s why we wanted to showcase a few trends that are worth watching for Minnesota companies. Which ones make your list of 2020 IT trends to watch?

5G Launches across the Country

5G is the next generation in mobile networks. Most cellphones in Minnesota rely on the 4G network. But by the end of the year, it’s possible we’ll all be enjoying much faster, more reliable connections on our mobile devices.

Currently, Verizon and T-Mobile offer 5G in some areas of their network in Minnesota. Verizon’s service is limited to certain areas of St. Paul and Minneapolis, while T-Mobile has launched 5G across the state. As 5G technology becomes more widespread, expect tech companies to develop apps that take advantage of the network’s faster, more reliable speeds. Experts predict 5G will also revolutionize the IoT, or Internet of Things. Expect to see more smart workplace devices showing up in offices, manufacturing facilities, and retailers and restaurants in 2020.

Distributed Cloud Advances Cloud Computing

First, there were local servers. Then, cloud computing exploded our idea of what it meant to store a file, buy software, and collaborate as a team. Now, distributed cloud computing is going to take us to the next level.

Most cloud networks store data at one or two large data centers in a model IT nerds call the centralized cloud. The distributed cloud allows cloud service providers to store data across one or more micro locations in a decentralized model. A decentralized cloud runs on blockchain technology, dramatically increasing data security and privacy. It helps organizations stay nimble and take advantage of the seemingly limitless storage capacity of the cloud without sending all of their data to a single, central location.

Computer Vision

As augmented and virtual reality become more mainstream, computers are becoming smarter at identifying people, items, places, and objects from an image snapped by a camera or caught by a sensor. This ability is called computer vision, and it’s what’s behind the technologies of Apple’s FaceID and Google Image Search.

With computer vision, computers on manufacturing production lines can identify and remove faulty products or alert employees when a piece of equipment has broken down. Security cameras can use vision to track unusual behavior or even to recognize faces in a crowd.

Using IT and Data Management to Build Customer Relationships

Before this post gets any more Big Brother, let’s touch on a more human 2020 IT trend. Research organization Deloitte predicts that as data becomes more ubiquitous in business, companies will leverage their data security policies and practices to build trust with the customers.

Called “ethical technology,” corporations are using their IT and data policies to reflect their core values and mission while showing their customers that they are handling their data responsibly. Taking these actions without being prompted by litigation or a data breach scare can build trust with customers and other stakeholders. If you haven’t considered using your data practices to build relationships with your customers, we encourage you to give it a serious thought.

Those are the 2020 IT trends Now IT Connects is looking forward to following. What are some of yours? Let us know on social media or contact us to keep your business running smoothly this year.