Email Best Practices for New Employees

email best practices_Now IT Connects_Clearwater Minnesota

Whether you like it or not, your company’s email is a critical part of your business. Email is one of the primary ways you interact with your customers and keep projects rolling. You can’t afford to have your email down for a few hours, let alone a day or a week.

Since your email client is constantly transferring data (ie: messages and attachments) between your system and the sender’s, it is an especially vulnerable part of your network. That’s why email scams are so popular among hackers. If your email isn’t protected by a secure connection and strong spam filter, it could provide a front door for bad actors to access your network.

Training your employees on safe email behavior is crucial to the security of your network. Here are a few steps Now IT Connects recommends our clients take to make email best practices part of their everyday operations.

Use Strong Email Filters and Protection

If your email is set up through us, you are already taking advantage of some of the best email protection available. We use Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Cloud technology to secure emails, encrypt data,  and protect them from phishing and spam attacks. Contact us to discover all your email spam filter options.

Written Email Policy

To hold yourself and your team accountable for safe email practices, it helps to have an email policy in writing as part of your employee handbook. Effective policies outline what employees can and cannot send through their company email. They elaborate on what makes a secure password and how employees should handle their email passwords. Great email policies also include information on malware, phishing, and spam so employees know when to delete an email rather than open it.

Provide Ongoing Training for All Staff

Once you have an email policy in place, provide training to new and veteran employees to help them understand why you created the policy and how they can abide by it.

We’ve found many companies include discussion of new email threats and email trends with their staff at their weekly or monthly staff meetings. This helps everyone remember to stay vigilant while using their emails and keep the team informed of any suspicious emails they may have received over the last few weeks.

Protecting your company email is an essential element of your overall network security. Now IT Connects can help you keep your email secure and train your staff on safe email habits. To learn more, contact our team today.