New IT Products for 2020

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Every year, hundreds of new tech products hit the market. It can be tough to know which ones will make a real, positive impact on your business. That’s why we’ve come up with our own best-of list of new IT products we’re looking forward to using in 2020.

Two-Factor Authentication Is Something You Can No Longer Ignore

Two-factor authentication has been around for years, but it is finally hitting the mainstream. Two-factor authentication, or TFA, requires two forms of identification to access an online account. You may have noticed that your bank now requires you to enter a password, then receive another code via email or text to enter before you can access your account. That’s an example of TFA.

For now, TFA is one of the safest ways to secure your online accounts. We highly recommend you use TFA whenever it is offered to you, whether it’s on your business bank account, on your cloud storage account, or your email.

WatchGuard offers a two-factor authentication product called AuthPoint that helps you secure all of your business systems from a single app, including your email, network, CRM, data storage, and accounting applications. Check it out.

Barracuda’s Content Shield Web Security Keeps Teams Productive

Barracuda MSP (formerly Intronis MSP) is our favorite managed IT service platform. Recently, Barracuda announced enhancements to its MSP (managed service provider) product that will help you encourage your teams to stay productive.

The product now includes Content Shield web security. Content Shield filters URLs so your managed IT provider can protect you and your employees from malicious web content. The product also improves malware protection and allows business owners to block web traffic to specific websites (like Facebook). All of these features help keep your team more productive at work.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 Could Revolutionize the Way You Collaborate

Our two first new IT products for 2020 are functional but (unless you’re an IT nerd like us) not that exciting. Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 product is both functional and extremely exciting.

The Surface Hub 2 is a piece of hardware that makes collaborating effortless, whether your team members are in the same room together or across the world from one another. The Surface Hub 2 is a smart whiteboard, teleconferencing, and collaborative computing device all rolled into one sleek product you can wheel anywhere in your office. We believe it will revolutionize the way you collaborate.

Those are the products Now IT Connects is looking forward to following in 2020. What are some of yours? Let us know on social media or contact us to keep your business running smartly and smoothly this year.