Now IT Connects’ New Favorite Things

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The Now IT Connects team is looking forward to learning more about three new IT products this year. From mesh network WiFi to multi-factor authentication for your entire network, here’s a look at the technologies we’re excited about in 2019.

1. Ubiquiti UniFi Mesh WiFi with Security Gateway and Cloud Key

UniFi Mesh WiFi technologies provide enterprise-level WiFi to locations across the globe from a single controller. This makes UniFi Mesh WiFi incredibly easy to scale. Opening a second or third location or expanding your current one? Simply install the hardware in your new space and sync it to the controller at your office.

If you think that controller is giant piece of software sitting in a closet, think again. The UniFi Cloud Key controller is about the size of a USB thumb drive and plugs into one of your ethernet ports. Once connected, you can control it and the rest of your mesh WiFi network through UniFi’s secure cloud network. And yes, there’s an app you can use to manage the WiFi of multiple sites wherever you are, whenever you need to.

2. HP Gen10 Server with Advanced iLO

HP’s new Gen10 servers use artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art hardware to deliver a high-performing, scalable, and incredibly secure business network solution. Gen10 servers use a hybrid cloud system to allow its AI-driven technology to keep your network secure and performing well. If you were curious how AI could transform your business, Gen10 servers will put an end to your wondering!

Gen10 servers use advanced encryption and ransomware blocking technology to keep your data and server infrastructure secure. The silicon within the hardware is fabricated to create a digital footprint for your server, which prevents bad actors from installing compromised firmware or breaching your own firmware.

3. WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication requires you to enter a password and then a code sent to your phone or email to log into an account. It’s becoming increasingly common for mobile banking and cloud computing services such as Dropbox. Now, multi-factor authentication is coming to one of our favorite security technology brands, WatchGuard.

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint technology empowers you to know who’s logging into your computer and mobile devices while asking those users to provide two or more pieces of identification. Users of your network simply download the AuthPoint app, which you then sync to your system through your WatchGuard dashboard. When they log into your network, cloud storage, or VPN, they are prompted to enter a password and then a one-time code the AuthPoint app generates for them. This type of authentication is highly secure yet simple to use, making network security effective and easy.

Those are our favorite new things for 2019! We look forward to sharing these state-of-the-art solutions with you and your team. If you have questions on these technologies or others, or if we can help implement these technologies into your IT plan, contact Now IT Connects today.