Wireless Point-to-Point for Sprawling Facilities

wireless point-to-point for sprawling facilities-Now IT Connects

Providing internet access to a sprawling facility can be a daunting undertaking. It can be difficult to provide a fast, reliable internet connection across an expansive building, such as a warehouse or logistics facility. Likewise, it can be tricky and expensive to make sure several outbuildings on a single property have internet connections.

In both of these cases, wireless point-to-point may be an affordable, scalable solution for providing reliable, fast internet.

Wireless Point-to-Point Is an Affordable Solution

Compared to laying cable or fiber, wireless point-to-point systems provide one of the best values in internet access today. The hardware to set up the system is relatively inexpensive, and the system requires no obtrusive digging or alterations to your site. This means the up-front investment in wireless point-to-point is far less expensive than other options.

Wireless Point-to-Point Is Fast and Reliable

With such a simple and affordable installation process, some companies may wonder if the internet connection provided by a wireless point-to-point system can compete with the reliability and speed of fiber or cable. We’ve got great news for you: wireless point-to-point provides equal or even greater reliability and speed compared to its competitors.

Since wireless point-to-point systems don’t require buried or hung cables, they will never experience service interruptions as a result of construction, road work, or other incidents. At the same time, they consistently provide speeds up to 500 Mbps, similar to cable and fiber. If a workplace is looking for a fast, reliable internet connection, wireless point-to-point is a great solution.

Wireless Point-to-Point Is Scalable

With fiber and cable, expanding the reach of your internet connection requires more digging and cable laying that can interrupt your team’s productivity. With wireless point-to-point, we can install another point on the system in an afternoon. All we need is access to the building you’d like to expand service to. Additionally, the hardware can easily be moved within a location or to another location altogether. Whatever your business needs to grow, wireless point-to-point can handle it.

Wondering if wireless point-to-point may be the internet solution you’ve been looking for? Get in touch with the Now IT Connects team today. We can help you understand your options and make the right choice for your business.