3 IT Blogs for Your Summer Reading List

IT blogs for summer reading_Now IT Connects_Clearwater Minnesota

Looking for some beach reading? Now IT Connects has some recommendations for you!

The Now IT family tends to nerd out on all things IT, so this list may be skewed toward techies. If you don’t happen to be of that particular persuasion, feel free to share this list with anyone who gets excited about cyber security, Microsoft, and tech podcasts.

IT Blog 1: Network World’s Security Blog

Network World is a massive site filled with everything you’d ever want to know about IT, from cloud computing and data centers to storage and unified communications. If you’re looking to go down the IT rabbit hole, this is a great place to start.

We love the Security blog on Network World. It features cyber security news, tutorials, and reviews as well as alerts for critical updates on popular products. One hot topic on Network World right now is how to keep the IOT secure (The IOT is the “Internet of Things.” It includes devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, the Nest thermostat, and your vehicle’s entertainment system, among hundreds of other devices).

IT Blog 2: The Dozens of Microsoft Blogs

Yeah, the second blog on our list is technically a few dozen blogs. But if you run Microsoft software on your network, this blog is a must-read. Microsoft has a blog for what seems like every product, plus topic blogs on security, privacy, diversity in tech, and Daylight Saving Time, of all things.

If you have a question about a particular piece of software or are wondering what’s coming down the pike at Microsoft, this blog’s for you.

IT Blog 3: WatchGuard’s Secplicity Blog

Our clients know what big fans we are of WatchGuard security appliances. We’re equally fond of the company’s Secplicity blog on cyber security. It’s written by IT professionals for IT professionals, but has valuable information for anyone who manages IT or purchases products.

If you’d rather listen to your cyber security news than read it, Secplicity also produces the 443 Podcast. Its episodes make Sunday afternoon vacation traffic much more bearable.

Want more blog recommendations or help with your network security? Contact Now IT Connects today.

Meet a Few of Our Favorite Vendors

A Few of Our Favorite Vendors_Now IT Connects_Clearwater_Minnesota

The security and performance of your technologies depend on the integrity of the companies providing your IT solutions. We’d like to introduce you to a few of our favorite IT vendors. These are companies we trust to provide consistently high-quality performance and security for our customers. Don’t be surprised if one or all of these companies is part of your IT plan!

1. WatchGuard

WatchGuard is a Seattle-based company that has provided cyber security technologies to small and mid-sized businesses for more than 20 years. From multi-factor authentication and secure WiFi to a full line of Firebox firewall network security hardware, WatchGuard solutions protect the data and networks of many Now IT Connects customers.

We appreciate that WatchGuard does not sacrifice speed and performance when designing its security products. This means your firewalls, antispam, multi-factor authentication, and other security features keep your system safe without slowing performance so you and your team can get your work done without unnecessary lag time.

2. Barracuda

Barracuda is a cloud-based security company that protects email, apps, and any of your data stored on the cloud. We use Barracuda’s Intronis MSP platform to manage your day-to-day IT needs. Barracuda’s technologies empower us to be proactive in monitoring your network and quickly resolve any alerts and issues that may arise. We can even use the software to automate routine maintenance that keeps your network secure.

3. Datto Workplace

Datto Workplace—formerly Autotask—is a File Sync & Share (FSS) technology that enables your team to collaborate quickly and securely on the cloud. The Datto Workplace was built specifically for businesses, so it’s highly secure, compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2, and provides 99.9 percent uptime.

When your team uses Datto Workplace, they can access, change, and share files across all their devices, from their office computers to their mobile phones. However, you have control over who has access to the system. You can require permission to view and share files and restrict parts of your cloud to certain users, as needed. The system also records how files are being shared and used, making managing sensitive files a breeze.

These are just a few of the companies we trust to provide top-notch security and performance for our customers. Whether you are already a valued customer or you’re kicking our IT tires, for more information on WatchGuard, Barracuda, Datto Workplace, or any of our other trusted partners, contact Now IT Connects today.

Fall in Love with the Now IT Connects Team!

Have you fallen out of love with your IT support team? Are you a lonely heart looking for an IT team to support your network security, email, and managed services this year? Or, are you a happy client of Now IT Connects that’s interested in learning a little more about the team that supports you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, we invite you to fall in love with the Now IT Connects team this Valentine’s day.

John Koshiol

John is the owner and CEO of Now IT Connects. He’s run the company for the last 15 years and looks forward to another 15 years of helping businesses keep their data secure and easy to use. When he’s not helping Now IT Connects customers, you’ll likely find John enjoying many outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing, golf, and shooting sports.

Bobbie Anacker

As the Now IT Connects administrative assistant, it’s likely that Bobbie’s smiling face or cheery “Hello!” will greet you at our door or on the phone. Bobbie has been part of the Now IT Connects team for a year. When not supporting Now IT Connects customers, Bobbie enjoys listening to music, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Justin Fellersen

Justin is our network manager. He installs and maintains the networks of our customers and our in-house network at our Clearwater, Minnesota, location. Justin has been part of the team for more than five years. Like John, Justin is an outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding.

Lloyd Sanquist

As a network engineer, Lloyd works alongside Justin to keep our customers’ networks safe and performing well. Lloyd’s served Now IT Connects customers since 2012. When not at work, Lloyd enjoys writing, camping, and playing video games.

Chris Imdieke

Chris is our second network engineer and has been part of our team for a little over a year. Chris works alongside Lloyd and Justin to support our customers’ networks and IT needs. After work, Chris enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.

Ready to fall in love with your IT support team? We’d love to meet you! Give Now IT Connects a call today at 320-558-6300.