Deploying Devices and Software in the Field

Managing the devices and related software and web applications you have deployed in the field can be a complicated undertaking. Now IT Connects has decades of experience managing device and software deployment remotely. Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years.

Move Essential Tools to the Cloud

If you manage software locally across multiple sites, it’s time to upgrade your management strategy. Keeping software localized to single locations silos data and makes it onerous for your team to collaborate. This setup also makes it more difficult to troubleshoot software issues as they arise.

Instead, upgrade your software to cloud-based solutions. Start with your company’s server network to make data available across all of your locations. We often recommend Microsoft Azure to our clients because of how easy it is to migrate data to Azure. Plus, since your data is on a Microsoft platform, your team can use all of your favorite Microsoft 365 tools to access it and collaborate, wherever they are.

If you have software deployed on mobile devices in the field, cloud-based solutions are indispensable. Web applications and other cloud-based tools can be updated and maintained from a single location in real time, making it easy to keep your team up and running.

Manage Devices from a Single Dashboard

Gathering all the information about your deployed devices and software into a single place is absolutely essential. Mobile device management software, or MDM, allows you to see, track, and manage all mobile devices you own and operate in the field from one place, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. You can locate lost devices, shut down devices, and make software and security updates all from a single dashboard.

Automate Backups, Monitoring, and Alerts

Mobile device management and other IT management tools allow you to automate many essential tasks, even when your devices are spread out across multiple sites. From a single piece of cloud-based software, you can automate data backups and continuously monitor all devices from a central place. Any alerts or emergent needs also come through the dashboard so you can resolve issues quickly, minimizing downtime.

We can help you find the right tools to help you keep track of your assets or take the entire responsibility off your hands. Get in touch with Now IT Connects today to see what’s possible for your company.