The Now IT Connects Office Gets a Make-Over

This spring, the Now IT Connects office got a fresh, new look! A few upgrades transformed our office and gave the Now It Connects team a place to collaborate while updating the design and improving sustainability.

New Flooring and Paint Provide a Fresh Foundation

It’s amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint and updated flooring can have on an office space! At the Now IT Connects office, we freshened the walls with a new color in both the public spaces and the back-office work areas.

Then, we ripped out the carpet to replace it with durable, hard-wearing vinyl planking. The new floors offer the warm look of wood without the maintenance or up-front investment. We think they look sharp, especially with the fresh paint!

Our Work Areas Get Upgrades

Once we had our fresh foundation of paint and new flooring, we upgraded and renovated the tech cubicles where our network managers and network engineers work their magic. These new cubicles allow them the space they need to work without being crowded by equipment or each other.

Our Office Lighting Gets an Environmentally Friendly Upgrade

The last upgrade we made in our renovation was to our office lighting. Our lobby, conference room, and back-office work areas all got new fixtures with LED lighting. Not only does this provide our staff with superior light to work under, the LED lightbulbs are energy-efficient and cost effective. We won’t need to replace a bulb for about 15 years!

After several years in our Clearwater, Minnesota, location, it was time to show our office some love. We hope you stop by to check out our new digs! We’d love to see you.