Wireless Point-to-Point (P2P) Applications and Benefits

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If your company operates out of multiple buildings, it can be complicated and costly to create a network connection between the buildings with fiber or cable. The same goes for sprawling properties with video surveillance systems. In both of these cases, a wireless point-to-point (P2P) system can provide affordable, secure connectivity.

Wireless Point-to-Point Connects Multiple Buildings

A wireless point-to-point system create a network connection between multiple locations securely and reliably. Wireless P2P is a good option for both urban and rural properties. In urban settings, wireless point-to-point is ideal for buildings located on the same parcel, since environmental interference from other networks can make it difficult to connect locations across wider distances. But in rural areas with low building density, wireless P2P can connect buildings miles apart.

Wireless P2P Can Support Video Surveillance Systems, Too

In addition to network connections, wireless point-to-point can provide a secure, dedicated network for video surveillance systems. For businesses with acreage, sprawling outdoor storage yards, or expansive parking lots, wireless P2P can make it easier and more affordable to maintain 24/7 video surveillance on the property. The network collects all the video data from the field cameras and transmits it to a central point for monitoring.

You’ll Avoid the Costs of Laying Fiber or Cable

One of the most significant benefits of a wireless point-to-point system is its cost. The investment in wireless P2P hardware, installation, and management is a fraction of the cost of fiber and cable. Fiber and cable require trenching and physical modifications to facilities to hardwire the network. Applications over long distances are often cost-prohibitive or impossible. With wireless point-to-point, the devices are installed discreetly on the roof.

Wireless Point-to-Point Scales with You

Another great benefit of a wireless point-to-points system is that it scales as a business grows. Adding additional connection points is more affordable and straightforward than laying more cable or fiber. It is possible to transfer a wireless P2P system to a new location, something that’s impossible to do with a hardwired network.

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